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Geraci Siculo

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Altitude: 1.072 m. above sea-level
Surface: 112 km2
Population: 1.956 (Geragesi)
Neighbouring communes: Castel di Lucio (ME), Castelbuono, Gangi, Nicosia (EN), Petralia Soprana, Petralia Sottana, San Mauro Castelverde
Zip code: 90010
Dialling code: 0921


The name of the town is of Greek origin ( from Jerax = vultures ) and alludes to its ancient origins as a fortified place and inaccessible fortress. In fact the Greeks settled here in 550 B.C.
In the ninth century the Muslim’ conquest did not erase the Byzantine tradition. With the arrival of the Normans in 1072, Geraci became capital of the County. In 1252, the County rose for female line to the family of Ventimiglia, whom from that time on Geraci linked its destiny.

Through a visit to the monuments of Geraci it is not hard to catch the role of political and economic potentate that marked for centuries the history of Madonie.


Worth visiting: Bevaio della SS. Trinità, Ventimiglia Castle, Church of Collegio di Maria, Mother Church, Church of St. Stephen, Church of St. Bartolomeo.


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Sentiero Geologico
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