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Altitude: 530 m. above sea-level
Surface: 50 km2
Population: 1.922 (isnellesi)
Neighbouring communes: Castelbuono, Cefalù, Collesano, Gratteri, Petralia Sottana, Polizzi Generosa, Scillato

Zip code: 90010
Dialling code: 0921

The history of settlements from the Eneolithic is  documented by the discovery of numerous findings in the caves of the area. The ruins of the hermitage of San Leonardo and the castle that overlooks the town likely to witness the Byzantine presence in the eighth century.

In Norman-Swabian epoch the territory of Isnello becomes Royal Property and the town grows around the nucleus of the castle. During the Arab presence Isnello, whose name was "Menzil to Himara" (fortified village), is incorporated in the Val Demone. Since the end of the twelfth century until the fifteenth, during the Angevin-Aragonese rule, the history of Isnello is intertwined with that of the families that take turns here: from the Abbate to the Filangeri, from the Ventimiglia to the Santacolomba.

With privilege of July 1453 Arnaldo Santacolomba, Lord of Isnello, obtained by Alfonso the Magnanimous "the Merum mixtum et imperium”, namely the power to enact laws.
In 1788 the citizens of Isnello, who were tired of bearing the mastery of the Counts repurchased the farms and definitively broke up from the placing of the baronial.


Worth visiting: Mother Church, Church of the Annunziata, Church of the Rosary, Castle Ruins.


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