Altitude: 468 m. above sea-level
Surface: 108 km2
Population: 4.254 (collesanesi)
Neighbouring communes: Campofelice di Roccella, Cerda, Gratteri, Isnello, Lascari, Scillato, Termini Imerese
Zip code: 90016
Dialling code: 0921

Today’s Collesano is a Norman town, founded at the behest of King Roger roughly between 1130 and 1140.
The origin is to be found on the mountain that dominates the west town: Golden Mount where considerable material remains of the ancient Arabian city.
In the Norman period, Golisano (Collesano) becomes a great feudal center in an area that extends from Roccella up inside the Madonie, beginning his urban development from the first settlement of Bagherino (where the castle stands today).
In the thirteenth century, following the War of the Vespers and several other changes in ownership, the town was granted to the family Syracuse. It then went ahead and remained for several decades within the county of Ventimiglia and then, following marriage policies, to the family of Centelles, one of the many aristocratic Spanish families who hold this town continuously until the eighteenth century.
Centuries from the XVI to the XVIII have been important for the development of settlements of Collesano: during that period -  under the rule of the families of Cardona, Moncada, and Aragon - the town  knew the major development in economy, population and architectural planning. Several monuments and works of art date back to that time as well as the ceramic industry, for which the centre is still renowned.

Worth visiting: Medieval Castle, Basilica of St. Pietro, Basilica of Santa Maria la Vecchia, Archaeological site of Monte d'Oro.