Altitude: 657 m. above sea-level
Surface: 38 km2
Population: 1.081 (gratteresi)
Neighbouring communes: Cefal├╣, Collesano, Isnello, Lascari
Zip code: 90010
Dialling code: 0921


The first traces of settlements in the territory most likely date to the Late Bronze Age or early Iron Age, as demonstrated by the finding of a "closet" with axes and other bronze objects.
Philistus (fourth century BC) mentions a center of "oppidum Craterius Sicilian."

Regarding the period between the first century A.C. and the Muslim invasion, the only clue is the discovery of Roman coins of the second century.

The first evidence about the inhabited town date from the period of Arab rule (X-XII century).

In 1059 came the Normans : At this time dates back the birth of the Abbeys of St. Anastasia and St. George and the construction of the Churches of St. Elias, and St. Nicholas and St. Icono.

The feud came afterwards to the family of Ventimiglia, whose barony will characterize for centuries the life of the community of Gratteri in all its aspects.


Worth visiting: Castle, Old Mother Church, Abbey of St. Giorgio, Abbey of Santa Anastasia, Church of St. Elia.