Altitude: 764 m over the sealeavel
Surface: 49 km2
Population: 3.122 (pollinesi)
Neighbouring communes: Castelbuono, Cefalù, San Mauro Castelverde

Zip Code: 90010
Dialling code: 0921


According to some historians, Pollina seems to be the modern heir of Apollonia, a city of Magna Graecia, but there are no exhibits confirming this hypothesis.
The first documented reports of Pollina date back to the Normans. In 1082, for provision of Count Roger I of Sicily, the hamlet of Polla was included in the diocese of new institution, established in Troina until 1096 and in Messina in the following years. In 1131 Roger II founded the Diocese of Cefalù, that included Pollina, which remained a fief of the Bishops of Cefalù up to 1321, when it was sold with its castle and all its appliances to Francesco Ventimiglia, Count of Geraci. All the rest is recent history, very similar to that of many towns in Sicily.


Worth visiting: Chiesa Madre, Chiesa della Madonna della Catena, Chiesa della Madonna della Pietà, Chiesa di San Pietro Apostolo, Chiesa di San Giulian.