San Mauro Castelverde


Altitude: 1.050 m over the sealeavel
Surface: 114 km2
Population: 2.166 (maurini)
Neighbouring communes: Gangi, Castel di Lucio (ME), Castelbuono, Geraci Siculo, Pettineo (ME), Pollina, Tusa (ME)

Zip Code: 90010
Dialling code: 0921


Castle or fortified town of the inland, the Castrum Sancti Mauri, has ancient origins. It apparently arose in the Byzantine era, whereas some place names attest the presence of the town already in the Arabian age.

In 1082 under the Normans the castle of San Mauro becomes part of the diocese of Troina, as a gift of Count Roger.
The castle was certainly linked to the fate of the noble family of Ventimiglia, Marquis of Geraci that from 1296 to 1812 exercised almost continuously their rule. In 1394 Lord of the castle is Fernando Lopez de Luna, whose fortunes were uncertain.

There is no doubt, however, that the position of the town - on the seafront,  on top of the mountain, between the Nebrodi and Madonie, delineated by the watershed that separates the two tributaries of the river-Monal Pollina and Calabr√≤ on one side and  by the Goodnight on the other - was certainly noticed, so much that in the Vatican Museums a plant of Sicily is preserved where Mount Santo Mauro is indicated.

Worth visiting: Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Franchi, Chiesa di San Mauro, Chiesa Madre.