Altitude: 218 m over the sealeavel
Surface: 30,89 km2
Population: 679 (sclafanesi)
Neighbouring communes: Caltavuturo, Cerda, Collesano, Isnello, Polizzi Generosa, Sclafani Bagni

Zip Code: 90020
Dialling code: 0921


The origins of Scillato are linked to the abundance of water, which was exploited for the construction of many mills, around which the town has developed. A mill is already mentioned in a document of 1156 and the name of the place (Xillatum) appears in documents of the late twelfth century.
Some local historians, however, have suggested a much older origin, even referring to a Greek colony coming from Athens, who arrived in Sicily after the destruction of Troy and settled among these hills.
Scillato, which has always been a country village, has never gone through great experiences in history, and passed from one worship to another,  and following the vicissitudes of Sicily.

Worth visiting: Santuario Maria Santissima della Catena, mulino "dell'Asiniddaru", mulino "Paraturi", mulino "Rasu”.